Take to the Sky: Your OWN rideable drone!

Posted on November 17, 2014 by Denise Schomody

As you know, drone technology is sweeping the nation and globe. As with most technologies there are those who are pushing the envelop with rideable drone innovations!

Soon, orders placed on Amazon.com will be delivered via Amazon drones, “delivery in 30 minutes or less” will take on a whole new meaning as you get Dominoes pizza delivered via aerial drone, and EWC’s own Christopher has a mini remote controlled drone he was given as a gift that cost around $50 (and is super cool, by the way!).

So it should come as little surprise that one family of entrepreneurs has taken the idea of drone technology to the next level: mobility, and a possible future of travel for everyone!

Take a look at the Hoverbike, something we love for its great intentions and which might just be the next big idea.

Special thanks to Ever Widening Circles reader Christine Emerson for sharing this excellent video of the Hoverbike in action with us! It truly represents the kind of possibility we hold dear here at Ever Widening Circles!