We are now marking almost 6 decades since Eleanor Roosevelt died in 1962 and it’s uncanny how remarkably relevant her work is today. This is what genius looks like!

Image: Eleanor and Frank Sinatra holding a depiction of the late Franklin D. Roosevelt

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“You must do the thing you think you can’t do” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor left an indelible influence on modern life from the work she did on justice and fairness, and in a moment, you will see her quick wit and insightful quotes still shine as if they were spoken yesterday!

The wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt seems to hold up to the test of time.

In the early years she was known to most as President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife, but as time went by, she worked tirelessly on her passions and became world renown in her own right. While the details of her legacy do not loom large in pop-culture today, the outcomes of her tireless work are fully incorporated into the foundation of the fabric of our society.

  • During the height of the Depression, she traveled thousands of miles around the country almost anonymously and unguarded to see how people were doing and report back to her husband about the programs were and weren’t working.
  • She fought for equal rights for black people and women and even resorted to carrying a handgun because while touring the south to lecture against segregation, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) had put out a $25,000 reward for her assassination.
  • She will be remembered in the whole of human history for helping to write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the time, this document was a revelation in its succinct mandate that all people around the world – no matter their government – should be treated fairly.
  • In April of 1945, Franklin died of a stroke but Eleanor barely missed a beat. She represented the United States at the United Nations (UN) for seven years. (Most people don’t realize the Franklin Roosevelt was largely responsible for the formation of the U.N.)
  • Eleanor served as chair for the Commission on the Status of Women for President Kennedy. She was nominated three times for a Nobel Peace Prize.

At the time of her death, Time Magazine called her the “world’s most admired and talked about woman” and after reading some of her most famous quotes, you will see why!

I read and savored each of these for a moment and thought about how the message was still absolutely relevant in my life 70-plus years later!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt courts Eleanor Roosevelt on Campobello Island, 1904.

“Franklin Delano Roosevelt courts Eleanor Roosevelt on Campobello Island, 1904” 
Source: CNN

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote 2

“Roosevelt making an address at the headquarters of the American Red Cross at Washington, D.C. appealing for donations to a Red Cross war relief drive in 1940” 
Source: CNN

Image: Eleanor Roosevelt Quote 3

“Giving a speech in 1946”
Source: CNN

Image: Eleanor Roosevelt Quote 4

“Holding up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948”
Source: CNN

Image: Eleanor Roosevelt Quote 5

“Visiting a camp for Jewish children, March 13, 1955”
Souce: CNN

This is only a handful of the quotes from a beautifully done article by CNN’s Phoebe Parke. Click here to see it in it’s entirety!

On that same website you will see this promotion of a PBS series:

Image: The Roosevelts on PBS (logo)

Source: CNN

Here’s what Phoebe has to say about the PBS series The Roosevelts (view the introduction by clicking here):

“A new documentary of seven episodes by Ken Burns, which aired on PBS stations in the U.S. in September, focuses on three members of the Roosevelt family; Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor.” 1

Dr. Chuck and I watched that series and were mesmerized through most of it.

Give the first episode a look and you’ll be rewarded. Ken Burns takes you on a journey through the early half of the 20th century that goes way beyond the Roosevelts. We are fairly well versed on history, but we had no idea what fascinating times those were, thanks in no small part to Burns’ weaving narrative.

Once we started tuning in, we never missed an episode.

See what you think!

Meanwhile, stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda

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