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Saving the Ganges River by Turning Sacred Flowers Into Incense


Is creative thinking the best way to improve our communities? Undoubtedly, yes! For proof, here’s how one man in India is helping ease the pollution of the Ganges by turning sacred flowers—formerly trash that was dumped into the river—into incense! 

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Change Comes From the Inside: Being Conscious of “Greener Pastures”


In April, nearly four million employees quit their jobs in the United States. If that pace continues, 25 percent of the entire American workforce could be changing jobs this year, an all-time record. But that is only half the story. After an immensely difficult 18 months, many people are seeking change in their lives, for a variety of reasons.

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Kindness Koin$: Harnessing Technology to Advance Humanity with Bert Pope


Today’s guest on the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast is Bert Pope, a widower raising 4 kids and the Creator and CEO of the Awesome Company, took the world by storm when he decided to make a social network for the good of mankind.

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