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We publish one article daily – on any subject under the sun – to remind us all that this is still an amazing world.Image: Oh, The Places You'll Go Burning Man Collage showing EWC 6 images of wonder

Our vision is to change the negative dialogue about the state of our world.

Yes, we know there is plenty to worry about on the 24-hour news cycle, but there is also wonder, innovation, beauty, and insight yet unknown and uncelebrated by most.

Here are some of the articles our readers have shared and enjoyed the most:

elephants jenny and shirley


Elephants Never Forget

This beautiful video taught us a lot about the depth of compassion and wonder that still exists in the world. This article remains one of our top- 5 “most viewed” with people from 190+ countries. Take a look and you’ll know why.

Image: Kids with pots on their heads


Karen Thompson: What Fear Can Teach Us!

DON’T MISS THIS hidden gem!.. If you are turning your back on all the fear and malice in the news media these days, this TED Talk is a really fun and “game changing” insight! I use it almost every day.

Golden Jelly Jellyfish Lake


Jellyfish Lake: An Otherworldly Place

On Saturdays Around the World, we take you to Jellyfish Lake, one of the most incredible underwater places in the world. It is home to millions of beautiful, virtually stingless Golden Jellyfish, and it is an aquatic marvel.

Image: Sun Through Flowers


Gratitude and Wonder with Louie Schwartzberg

Photographer Louie Schwartzberg brings us all to a place of breath-taking beauty, wonder and hope with his TED Talk, remarkable images and the words of wise ones, young and old. This TED Talk leaves us with a sigh and a smile every time we revisit it.

Image: Rewilding with Megafauna from North America


Rewilding: What if we had the giants back?

Have you heard much about “megafauna,” the other giants that roamed the earth after the dinosaurs. It turns out they can teach us a lot about rewilding, a process to recover balance in the natural world.

brighton earthship dominic alves


Ever Heard of the Earthship?

What if you could live in sync with the environment? The Earthship is providing an alternative way of life for homeowners who want to live off the grid!



A Valentine Anytime, to Someone You Love

Do you have a friend, lover, family member who means the world to you, and yet you feel at a loss for words to convey that? Here’s something you can send to a person with whom you feel this deep connection. Don’t wait for Valentines Day.



Turning Birds Into Dinosaurs

Is turning birds into dinosaurs possible? Creating the dino-chicken isn’t just a scientific dream. The science behind the project is already a reality!



It Can All Change In An Instant

Ric Elias was on board “the Miracle of the Hudson,” the US Airways flight that was set to crash before a heroic safe landing by Captain Sully. Learn what went through Elias’ mind as the doomed plane went down in the icy water.