12 minutes

Chris Hadfield’s Space Oddity

When Chris Hadfield released his cover of David Bowie’s song Space Oddity filmed on the ISS, it captured the attention of the world. Let’s take a moment to celebrate this iconic and beautiful video!

32 minutes

Space: the Future, the Frontier

Explore the story of a remarkable movement to colonize space spurred on by a spirit of possibility and innovation! Here’s a piece of fascinating history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

7 minutes

Look Up! The Importance of Stargazing

What can the night sky teach us about our own humanity? Whether you are looking up through the lights of the big city or surrounded by vast wilderness, stargazing can play an important role in reframing our perspective…

4 minutes

What Do Astronauts Dream About?

Have you ever wondered what an astronaut dreams about? Here’s a fascinating look that will remind you of some of the things most precious to you here on earth!

17 minutes

A Mission Returns from “Mars”

Have you ever wondered what life would be like on Mars? After a year in a Mars exploration simulation, crew members return to earth with insights on what long-term living in space would be like!

11 minutes

What will we know in 100 years?

Explore some of the discoveries of the past century! From penicillin, to our origins, to general relativity, we have learned a lot over the past 100 years! What will we learn in the next?

21 minutes

What are Gravitational Waves Anyway?

Gravitational waves are something we hear a lot about, but what are they, and why is their discovery so important? Here are some answers that will leave you feeling a little smarter!

20 minutes

Want to be a space archaeologist?

Growing up a great number of us probably wanted to be an astronaut or an archaeologist, but what if you could have been both? Yes, space archaeology is here, and soon, we will be able to become citizen space archaeologists!

Image: Man setting back time on a clock that is the moon rising

18 minutes

Never “save” a great idea for later!

A little probe that was sent hurtling through space in 1977 – one that’s still moving and beaming back info – can teach us a lot about what we should do with a great idea. This could be the best idea hatched 39 years ago!

10 minutes

Sally Ride: Pioneer, Astronaut, Icon

Sally Ride was the first American woman in space, but her path to becoming an icon for equality was riddled with moments that exemplified why diversity is so very important to progress. Here are some of those stories in her own words…

6 minutes

What is Dark Matter and Why Does it Matter?

Dark matter appears to be all around us, and yet it is incredibly difficult to detect. This frontier of science is changing not only the way we understand the composition of our universe, but also our place within it!

4 minutes

What the Heck is a Leap Year?

Ever wondered what a Leap Year is really all about? It turns out, Leap Years are a little more complicated than we usually think! Don’t worry, Niel Degrasse Tyson is here to explain!

6 minutes

An Astronaut’s Perspective on Earth

Can a view change our perspective? While many of us may never see Earth from above, hearing astronauts talk about seeing Earth from space serves as a beautiful reminder of the broader picture we are a part of!

Asking questions without answers

13 minutes

Asking Questions Without Answers

What can asking questions without answers teach us? Chris Anderson and TED-Ed team up to help us think about ourselves and the universe in a bigger way! Check it out!