14 minutes

An Adventure in Urban Wildlife

The words “urban wildlife photography” may seem boring, perhaps pictures of squirrels or pigeons. It turns out, the animals that call our cities home have a lot to teach us!


4 minutes

Meet the Aardwolf!

Have you heard about a remarkable creature called the aardwolf? What are they, some kind of aardvark wolf hybrid? Let us introduce you to another of the planet’s awesome animals!


20 minutes

Biking for Equality in Afghanistan

Can a bike break down cultural barriers? Cyclist and National Geographic Adventurer Shannon Gilpin takes us to Afghanistan where she is helping to break down barriers to equality one bike ride at a time!


5 minutes

Human Connection: Disconnected

Have you ever been curious about how “reading lips” works? Take a look at a fascinating National Geographic short film about lip reading and see how learning a new languages helps build our sense of connection and break down barriers!


25 minutes

Chasing Rivers: An Adventure on the Colorado

Think about your nearest river. Where did it come from? Where is it going? Here’s a remarkable story from a National Geographic photographer about how his adventure to chase the Colorado River reshaped his perspectives.


9 minutes

The Search for Life Inside Volcanoes

The study of life in the planet’s most extreme environments is pushing back the frontiers of knowledge on earth and beyond. Here’s a marvelous perspective from a scientist at the cutting edge of this research!


14 minutes

Celebrating Our Similarities

What if we spent more time celebrating our similarities? Here’s a National Geographic Photographer’s tale of how connected we really are to even the world’s most remote populations!

Image: Two fish with legs like birds

7 minutes

Get a Backbone!

What if life on earth never evolved a solid scaffolding: bones? Can we imagine a planet where soft bodies like worms and octopus evolved big brains? Our backbone seems to have changed everything and the story of it’s evolution is fascinating.

we are what we eat paley food grid

28 minutes

We Are What We Eat

What does dinner look like around the globe? Matthieu Paley, a National Geographic Photographer set out to document the culture of food in places untouched by supermarkets…


25 minutes

An Adventure Atop the Tepuis

Take a trip to South America to Explore the Tepuis, magnificent mesas rising up from the jungle below. Join the explorers who study these islands in the sky, and their remarkable flora and fauna!

Paradise flying snake.

6 minutes

When Snakes Fly

What if we could turn our fears into inspired insights? Flying snakes might seem to be unlikely teachers, but could they point us in some interesting directions when it comes to possibility? Take a look…

Image: a lone climber on a ridge of Everest

24 minutes

Everest: Still a Peak Experience?

Mt. Everest! Considered the pinnacle of physical achievement. It’s a breathtaking place, both literally and figuratively, but it can also teach us a thing or two about how we formulate our goals. Take a look…


28 minutes

Climbing China’s Remarkable Rocks

What would it be like to head out on an expedition with National Geographic? These are the remarkable stories and images from an incredible adventure to climb some of China’s most amazing rock formations…

Millions of monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) roost on the Sierra Chincua (Chincua mountain) near Angangueo, Mexico. This is one of five wintering roosts for monarchs, where the cool mountain climate slows their metabolism enough for them to overwinter before migrating back northward in the spring. Logging threatens this spectacle: already one of the five sites is no longer used by the butterflies due to the forest being cleared. (Image ID: ANI082-00116)

17 minutes

Monarch Butterfly Migration: A Breathtaking Journey

The Monarch Butterfly migration is one of the most remarkable journies on this planet. Join us for the breathtaking details, on a journey of your own to explore the science, culture, and conservation. In the end, we’ll stand in awe of this feat of nature!

Animal eyes

6 minutes

Are you really seeing what I’m seeing?

We know each of us sees the world a little differently, but have you ever thought about what the world looks like to another species? Our perspective may not be the most fascinating one out there…

monk seal critter cam

6 minutes

Seals Telling Their Own Story

How can we improve our conservation efforts? When the seal population in a Hawaiian community began to increase tensions began to rise. With the help of the seals themselves and local children, researchers found a new way to promote conservation…


14 minutes

How Paper Microscopes Can Change the World

The Foldscope is a nearly indestructible paper microscope that costs less than a dollar to manufacture, and it is changing the future of education and medicine in developing countries. Here’s its incredible story…

Manta Rey Back Lit

9 minutes

Underwater with the National Geographic Crittercam

National Geographic’s Crittercams are changing the way we learn about some of the most notoriously difficult animals to study on this planet. Today we ride along with manta rays, whale sharks, and humpback whales in an up close and personal way…

sam cossman volcano exploration

12 minutes

At the Volcano’s Edge

What happens when you use drones to explore the depths of one of the world’s most active volcanoes? We join explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman on his journey to discover life at the edge of one of the planet’s most hostile environments!

bioflourescent seahorse

16 minutes

The Glow-in-the-Dark World Beneath the Sea

Just below the ocean waves is a world that, until recently, we had never seen before. This world of glowing sharks, eels, turtles, and much more has been swimming all around us, but it took asking the right question to find it!