Image: Woman holding glasses to her face with sparklers coming out to the lenses

5 minutes

The Key to Understanding First Impressions

Can we control our initial assumptions and impulses? Well no, we actually can’t, but we can understand them and let another part of our brain control our reactions. Here’s a great insight into our own brains!

Image: A bumper sticker that says "Good by Polio, Thanks Rotary"

14 minutes

This Close to Ending Polio!

It’s almost gone! One of the most crippling and heart-breaking disease effecting humanity is almost gone! It’s a fascinating story about a great partnership. Take a look!

Image: Waving edges of Japanese rice paddy landscape

11 minutes

Only in Japan: Rice Made Fascinating!

Have you noticed how it feels a bit empowering when you are the one who knows a little inside information about another country? Let’s start with a fundamental Japanese food and see where it takes us!

4 minutes

Solutions from the Spinach King

What if we saw a need in our communities and tried to fix it? Lufefe Nomjana saw the need for sustainable food in his community and tackled the problem to become the Spinach King! Here’s his story.

4 minutes

House Calls for the Homeless

What would a world look like where we spent more time in the service of humanity? One physician assistant decided to start a program to provide healthcare to the homeless not in a clinic but on the streets, making house calls to the homeless…

7 minutes

Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

How are you doing when it comes to loving your body: every bulge, wrinkle, stretchmark and misbehaving shaft of hair? We may be able to move that in a positive, fun direction today. Take a look!

Image: Woman in a chair with sweeter over her entire body and head

17 minutes

Introverts and The Power of Quiet

Can Introverts and Extroverts find some common ground of understanding, where both find the best in each other? They can! And it’s a fascinating, even fun, journey!

Image: Baby's foot with expiration date on it

5 minutes

Food Waste: What’s up with Expiration Dates?

Questionable head of lettuce in your vegetable drawer? Ancient jar of mystery goo in your fridge? What about that bread, can you just cut off that bit of mold? Today we answer some big questions about those sell by, use by, and best by dates!

32 minutes

Medieval Medicine for the Modern World

This is the tale of how an ax-wielding nun, a medieval text, and modern science came together to find a cure to one of today’s greatest medical dilemmas. Get ready for an incredible story of discovery…

7 minutes

Do Butterflies Self-Medicate?

Are humans the only species that use medicine to improve our quality of life? The answer is changing the future of medicine for our species, and opening up a new world of possibility for the future of our health!

How Much Do We Know About Sleep?

We all know what it looks like when we are without sleep, but why is it so important? It turns out that up until the 1950’s nobody had studied this question scientifically! Check out the story behind the science!

Image: Dr. Amen and brain scan

16 minutes

What 83,000 Brain Scans Teach Us!

What if we were able to treat anxiety, depression, or ADHD by looking inside of our brains? This form of diagnostic imaging is now a reality, and it is helping doctors treat patients more effectively than ever before.

Image: Sam Berns and his parents with Sam's Happiness Secrets

17 minutes

Sam Berns and His Happiness Secrets

Have you heard 17 year old, Sam Berns’ secrets to a happy life? I watch this TED Talk periodically as a refresher course, no matter how busy I am – and maybe because of that. See why!

10 minutes

Creativity Explored: Arts Empowerment

The incredible organization Creativity Explored is unleashing the artistic potential of developmentally disabled artists, showing us that creativity has the incredible power of unlocking something deeper in us all!

Dancin Power kids

5 minutes

Dancin Power

Can dance change lives? The organization Dancin Power proves that it can, and is helping to transform the lives of chronically ill children. Here are some of their incredible and uplifting stories!

12 minutes

The Breathless Choir…

Have you heard of the The Breathless Choir? Here is the story that brought individuals from 12 to 92 with severe breathing problems together under the tutelage of renowned British choirmaster Gareth Malone to find the power of song once again.

Baking Holiday Cookies on a Platter

5 minutes

Baking Cookies is Chemistry?

Ever thought of yourself as a chemist? Well, if you have ever baked, or critiqued the results of a baker, you might just be the best chemist in your house! There’s fascinatingly fun science in those holiday cookies!