14 minutes

An Adventure in Urban Wildlife

The words “urban wildlife photography” may seem boring, perhaps pictures of squirrels or pigeons. It turns out, the animals that call our cities home have a lot to teach us!

Image: Steve Irwin feeds a large crocodile

17 minutes

Remembering the Crocodile Hunter

Today, Ever Widening Circles remembers one of the true action heroes of our time, one committed to the sanctity of animal life and preservation thereof, the one and only Crocodile Hunter: Steve Irwin.

Image: Electric eel in a beautiful aquarium habitat

9 minutes

How is an Eel Like a Taser?

What could we learn from the “outliers”? Here’s a way to start down the path of finding something to respect and even learn from the un-lovables.


4 minutes

Meet the Aardwolf!

Have you heard about a remarkable creature called the aardwolf? What are they, some kind of aardvark wolf hybrid? Let us introduce you to another of the planet’s awesome animals!


7 minutes

Continental Collision Course

Not many of us stop to think about what the world looked like before our continents separated and then re-connected in a new way many years ago. Why does it still matter? Fascinating food for thought here today! Take a look…


10 minutes

The Tale of the Flapper and the Panda

Where did our love for pandas begin? Arguably with a flapper and a panda named Su Lin. Here’s their remarkable story and a little look at how pandas have come to influence our conservation efforts!

Image: A baby coywolf with his mum.

48 minutes

Meet the Coywolf

Can we adapt too as we push into places where wildlife should have a right of way? A new hybrid – part coyote and part wolf – may be finding a niche we might want to work with! Take a look…


14 minutes

Celebrating Our Similarities

What if we spent more time celebrating our similarities? Here’s a National Geographic Photographer’s tale of how connected we really are to even the world’s most remote populations!

Image: Two fish with legs like birds

7 minutes

Get a Backbone!

What if life on earth never evolved a solid scaffolding: bones? Can we imagine a planet where soft bodies like worms and octopus evolved big brains? Our backbone seems to have changed everything and the story of it’s evolution is fascinating.

Image: Young Richard Turere on the TED stage

9 minutes

Richard Turere Makes Peace with Lions

As we struggle to solve problems, large and small, there is usually one thing is missing in the circles I know of: listening to the wisdom of our youth. See how one boy made peace with neighboring lions in today’s featured TED talk!