8 minutes

Sound Waves + Art = SWART

Several times each week at Ever Widening Circles, we feature people we call EWC thought leaders in the world who have discovered a simple wonder that was right under everyone’s…

Image: A child pulls back the water on a beach revealing all the plastic garbage

23 minutes

The Ocean Cleanup Project

…first told the EWC community about this story 2 years ago and it was our “most viewed” article for months. So important is the concept that we thought we’d give…

Image: A baby coywolf with his mum.

48 minutes

Meet the Coywolf

…thing. Let’s meet the Coywolf; definitely a creature that demonstrates this is still an amazing world. (Our motto here at EWC!) Source: PLAID ZEBRA In today’s EWC article we will…

Join the Team

…the world we are promoting on social media, or how many visitors we have per day. EWC seems to fit the aspirational worldview of nearly 20% of web users. To…

Source: Endangered Alphabet Carving

12 minutes

Endangered Alphabets

…the thought leaders we feature on EWC each day, once again, Tim has found a way to combine disparate things in a new way that seems to resonate with many….

15 minutes

Compassion for All Creatures

…intelligence. But after 500+ EWC articles  on positive things – on every topic under the sun – we’ve written 4 or 5 article from thought leaders in animal intelligence research….

22 minutes

2CELLOS are Thunderstruck

…a regular to EWC, you know we have a lot of fun here sharing topics that bridge the chasm between seemingly disparate ideas. Today’s EWC Thought Leaders are an amazing…

Image: Pickle jars for finding your priorities

8 minutes

Empty Pickle Jar Philosophy

…helps you press the “reset” button, even if your situation has completely changed? Today’s EWC video-share may become one such piece for you. Have you heard about the pickle jar philosophy? I…

Image: Rabbit standing up in a lawn

11 minutes

Hop on Over to Japan’s Rabbit Island

…with thousands of friendly rabbits, eager to interact with visiting tourists that arrive on the ferry every day. Today’s EWC Saturday’s Around the World article is not going to change…

12 minutes

The Most Important Science Images

…– to remind us all this is still an amazing world (despite what the negative 24-hour news cycle might tell us.) We could feature a thought leader in food science…