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DSC_0542.jpgAre you looking to do some good in the world, perhaps something with global connections?

Whether you need an internship, some resume-building, or you are looking for something meaningful to do with your spare time and talents, we would like to hear from you.

Are you great with photography, editing, social media, or statistics? Do you tend to find great things on the web that you love to share with others?

You can write an article for us once, or write regularly!

Send us an email with a little about your story, your passions and experience!

We are looking for volunteer staff writers, social media enthusiasts, content searchers, people with grant-writing skills, photographers, videographers, and mobile specialists, etc…

Don’t know much about

Take a long look around the website we’ve built in the last year starting by scrolling through to the bottom of the homepage, and you’ll get the gist of our project!

Here’s why we think this is such a collagegreat opportunity!…

You would be joining an organization in its infancy and helping to shape a truly positive new force in the world.  is proving its value very early by normal standards.

With very little marketing thus far, we are already closing in on 100,000 views each month, from 190+ countries and we have over 180,000 facebook page-fans from around the globe. (There have been times when we were getting more than 1000 new FB page-fans per day!)

Here’s another promising statistic: Every day since the very beginning of our project, we find that 18.2% of people return to the website. This statistic is true no matter where in the world we are promoting on social media, or how many visitors we have per day. EWC seems to fit the aspirational worldview of more than 18% of web users.

To us, that seems like a very uplifting number! Does this mean that 18% of the population of the world are still open, curious and hopeful, despite all the negativity that bombards us every day?

A lovely possibility.

Joining our team is a way to personally throw your energy behind changing the negative dialogue about our world. It’s a very real and compelling possibility here!

While the rewards for your work with EWC are not going to involve a paycheck – at this point, everyone who is helping with this project is volunteering their time – there will be a time in the near future when we have the funding to bring on the earliest, passionate supporters as employees, and that team will be made up of people with a well-developed shared vision.

Should be an exciting ride!

After you read about our positions, send us an email to tell us your story and about your passions.

Here’s where we could use some help:

  • Staff Writers and Guest Writers: 
    • We welcome help producing our well-researched, sourced and fascinating stories. If you can write well and are curious, hopeful, and have a passion for the wider world, this may be an amazing opportunity! Your work would be right there on the internet for all future employers to see, and if EWC becomes a huge success, you can say you were part of that! You can write about one thing that inspires you or become a regular contributor and get “team” status!
  • Mobile Specialist:
    • As you may know, mobile use is out-pacing desktop throughout the wider world, and we need someone to make sure we are on the top of our game there. The job could be simply checking our articles each day to be sure they look great on mobile, or become something more complex, like keeping us ahead of the curve in mobile web-design and advancements.
  • Social Media Specialist:
    • Our numbers are so good – even with no one running that part of our project at all – just think of the potential impact you could have! You could change the world a little with your knack for social media, if you get the word out about EWC.
    • Are you a good writer too?! You could produced many of our articles yourself and add to your resume or experience.
  • Image: A field of wildflowers from the ground upContent searchers/specialist:
    • We welcome help finding the best that is happening in our world. Perhaps you have a knack for finding inspiring web-content? Or you are engaged in so many orbits that you know about exciting developments is a few fields? You don’t have to write about these things yourself. You can help us just by pointing us in new and exciting directions.
  • Editors:
    • Are you great at polishing up other people’s writing: finding typo’s, helping to make a good paragraph even better? We need people to simply read our content every day and make sure it is clean and professional, warm and “real”, understandable and thought provoking.
  • Photographers:
    • We very carefully source all our photos, quotes and video. If you have a knack for photography, this would be a great, permanent place to showcase your work and again, the fruits of your unique creative impulses can have an impact on the world!
  • Videographer:
    • We are just beginning to dabble in our own video. If you have a passion and a creative mind, you can help us produce our own videos.
  • Marketing specialist: 
    • We need someone with a passion for fund-raising, or sponsor generation. As you can see from the site, we are a rare, ad-free place on the web and we would like to stay as close to that commitment as possible. That said, we need a creative solution to get this project funded. Currently we are limited by our founder’s ability to support EWC privately. But to do more, we will need a good-will sponsor or sponsors who want to be associated with this force for good in the world. We will soon be searching for a like-minded corporate or foundation sponsor. You could help make that happen and create your own future.
  • Grant writing:
    • EWC is currently staffed by people volunteering their time and talent, but the organization is already growing so rapidly, that we will soon need to look for funding mechanisms to keep up. If you have grant-writing skills, you may be able to fund your own paid position! (And there is so much more you could do!)
*** These positions would start as unpaid, but have no fear! We have recently reached our goal of 100,000 views per month and will now begin the search for a funding source.
For now, volunteering on a project like this might be the best, most rewarding experience you could have. (We are also willing to  make this a formal internships for your college curriculum standards.)
Image: Collage of EWC picsIn the meanwhile, this position would be an amazing resume builder and you would have published work on the web for all to see indefinitely.

Most importantly…

Working with the people and content we feature will change your worldview forever.
All the positions, could be done in someone’s spare time with consistency and you do not have to live in Vermont. We are willing to work with the right person from anywhere in the world. 

Please contact me at if you would like to inquire and learn more!

And remember: We keep it real around here, so keep it real in your emails. I probably won’t respond to a canned, copy/paste inquiry. I’m an “ordinary person”, so you can be one too! We are looking for people who have a special kind of energy for our mission to demonstrate that the world is still an amazing place!

That should come through in your inquiry.

Want more details?cropped-ewc-350h.jpg

Here’s what’s possible…


Regardless of what we post – a cool video, the breathtaking photos of an artist, or a long Radio Lab Podcast – we always add an Ever Widening Circles staff writer’s spin to the piece to bring about a better questions. We love new perspectives.

If you write well, and can find excellent ideas, EWC is the perfect venue to get your work in front of thousands of daily visitors!

Would you like to be a ghost-writer for some of the people who submit ideas, or have a story, but don’t write? That would be a beautiful way to contribute.

Staff Curator

Not interested in writing, or maybe you think you can’t but you still have a great eye for stunning web-content you know the world just needs to know about? Maybe you could be part of the choice staff curation team!

You might have a knack for finding things that would touch a chord in almost anyone? Ever Widening Circles curators find the best of the best, there is on the Web, and we bring it together in one spot.

Our staff has photographers like Dr. Lynda and Liesl, but enough is never enough! We are constantly looking for images that capture the minds of all our readers. Do you have a beautiful photograph that you want to share with the world? Chances are it speaks perfectly within an article we’re doing.

Would you like to do more and contribute regularly (and get credited) with beautiful, compelling photographs. This is a beautiful way to help EWC and the world.



The Internet is flush with video already… and for good reason: Today, the world is told through video, and EWC is no different! We need someone to shepherd that aspect of EWC.


Social Media Specialist

In EWC’s earliest days, our social networking and social media were our best friends, helping us reach out to the U.S. as well as places like Cambodia, Vietnam, Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, Ireland, Madagascar, and dozens of other countries across the world. But that aspect of things has dropped off to some degree as the pressures of time have forced us to take up other priorities.

As a social media specialist at EWC, you’ll be connected with these thousands of followers, fans, and readers, and have a chance to interact with people in a new way; you’ll be connecting with readers across the globe in a way that betters their life and yours.

We write ALL the time… and we need your help! From simple little typos to assisting us in page layout and professionalism.

EWC is always in need of folks who want to pick apart our writing and make it better. Do you think you have the attention to detail it takes to tell us a picture doesn’t fit, we should move a paragraph up, or that that “there” should be “their?”

Mobile Specialist

We need someone to make sure we are doing the very best for our mobile user community. A person in this position might help us improve many aspect there, innovate, and keep up with the times or do something as simple as check the mobile daily to see how our articles come out there. They would be a key part of our team as mobile is a key part of our global community’s access. It’s an important position that we’d love to fill!

Share your time and talents with EWC and you will certainly change the world for the better!