Image: Backyard Brain's Neuroscience made fun

16 minutes

Neuroscience Made Fun!

Can neuroscience be inspiring and even fun? It absolutely can! This TED Talk is a jaw-dropper and will change the way you think of your own body, and what is possible!

Fascination with Robots, Cute Robots

10 minutes

Our Fascination With Robots

How long have we been fascinated by robots? The surprising answer may make you question your own assumptions about why we fear and revere these marvels of technology!


8 minutes

Bacteria as an Art Form?

An MIT scientist studying how bacteria can detect cancer is teaming up with an artist to make living art. The results, and their story, is fascinating.

teen makes robotic arm

18 minutes

One Teenager, Changing the World for Many

At age 14, Easton LaChappelle met a 7 year old girl who had a prosthetic arm. The limb could only open and close, and yet it cost $80,000. He thought he could do better, and do it for under $1,000. He set to work in his bedroom, and later the family garage.

Typing to Save the Galaxy

3 minutes

Typing to Save the Galaxy!

When was the last time you spent an hour in galactic warfare, while learning to type? What if we re-imagine double tasking with innovators who are making our world more productive and more fun?

carrying the torch

7 minutes

Bearing the Torch

Once in a great while we come across animations that seem to touch all the chords: philosophy, art, history, and the power of human aspiration. Take a look at this haunting, beautiful short wonder!

bill nye

9 minutes

Why Send a Sundial to Mars?

Bill Nye was always the fun “science guy” and as the years have gone by, he’s just gotten better: smarter and wittier. Let him explain why we need sundials on Mars.


58 minutes

How Small Can Nanomachines Be?

Is the world getting better as we are shrinking everything down through nano-technology? It is! You will walk a little taller from all the possibilities on the immediate horizon.


13 minutes

Biomimicry and Floating Islands

BioMimicry is taking Mother Nature’s best ideas and putting them to immediate good use. Today we share the most remarkable concept for turning polluted waterways into marvelous resources for society.


24 minutes

Happy 25th Birthday Hubble!

Nothing inspires wonder like space! And we might not even realize that we have a 25 year old “workhorse of technology” orbiting our planet, expanding our view of ourselves.

deep sea

54 minutes

Alien Life Right Here on Earth?

In our hopeful search for new lifeforms in outer space, it seems we often forget the most extraordinary and promising frontier for our species’ survival. Take a look!

red cars

14 minutes

There Are No Red Cars

Have you seen the mesmerizing video created with 17 million different colors? Take a look and then we’ll show you why it’s much more than just a curiosity… and why there are no red cars.


17 minutes

Abundance is Our Future

The world actually isn’t going to hell in a handbasket! The data shows things are getting better and the CEO of the X-Prize foundation will tell us why and where we are headed!

google big

13 minutes

How Big is Google?

Conspiracy theories aside, Google has a fascinating history and scope. I had no idea! It also has a thing or two to teach us about ideas and innovation.


14 minutes

Rats Becoming Our Heroes?

What potential are we missing by ignoring the “untouchable” things? Let’s start with the amazing abilities of rats to save millions of lives! Really!

homeless to code

8 minutes

Teaching the Homeless to Code

Could knowing how to code change your life? Think not?… Take a look at the possibilities! What about teaching the homeless to code? This one is amazing.


14 minutes

Self-Organizing Robots

Self-Organizing robots! Can robots have “Selves”? It’s a curious concept when you stop to think about it, but the important thing is what amazing things they can do! Take a look at our future!