14 minutes

An Adventure in Urban Wildlife

The words “urban wildlife photography” may seem boring, perhaps pictures of squirrels or pigeons. It turns out, the animals that call our cities home have a lot to teach us!


7 minutes

100 Photographers 24 Hours: A Powerful Legacy

What happens when 100 photographers are sent out for 24 hours to photograph “extraordinary images of everyday life” in one place? Here is the remarkable story behind one of the world’s most iconic photography projects.

Image: A brilliant orange ball, crossed with silver honey comb strands is a butterfly egg

9 minutes

Beauty Beyond Our Perception

Take a few minutes to witness the beauty around us, yet beyond our wildest imagination. Here’s a thought leader working at the intersection of technology, art, and science. See what you think…


25 minutes

Chasing Rivers: An Adventure on the Colorado

Think about your nearest river. Where did it come from? Where is it going? Here’s a remarkable story from a National Geographic photographer about how his adventure to chase the Colorado River reshaped his perspectives.

Image: Danny Strasser on a long board in a bobsled track

9 minutes

Master of Extreme Sport, Filmmaker, Teacher?

What does the person behind the camera have to master to bring us extreme sports videos? They may be deeper and more talented than we think! Here’s two sides to a videographer who reminds us about the wonder and complexity of creative people.

Human-the movie

90 minutes

Exploring Our Human Connection

Join us on a journey into our own humanity. Here’s the remarkable cinematic masterpiece “HUMAN”, a film that delves into the threads of connection that run through us all…


14 minutes

Celebrating Our Similarities

What if we spent more time celebrating our similarities? Here’s a National Geographic Photographer’s tale of how connected we really are to even the world’s most remote populations!

we are what we eat paley food grid

28 minutes

We Are What We Eat

What does dinner look like around the globe? Matthieu Paley, a National Geographic Photographer set out to document the culture of food in places untouched by supermarkets…

sandcastle on sand

9 minutes

Sandcastles on a Grain of Sand

How does etching castles on grains of sand expand our understanding of possibility? The artist Vik Muniz is pushing the limits of science and art one grain at a time!

Image: Robyn Davidson with her camels photographed by Rick Smolan

10 minutes

A Photographer’s Life Changing Stories

Photographers bring the world to our living rooms and have witnessed much of life on this planet. Here are two stories that changed one photographer’s life, and the lessons they taught him…

Image: Storm clouds looking like bubbles

15 minutes

Images of a Storm Chaser

Rarely are we able to capture the power of the earth’s forces on camera, but photographer Camille Seaman is chasing storms to do just that. Her photography is an incredible record of natures majesty.

Image: Arctic white wolf

12 minutes

Life in Snowy Wonder: Another Kind of Paradise

Would your version of “paradise” include ice and snow? Maybe it will after you spend 10 minutes with the magnificent photographer Vincent Munier on his journey to capture the lives of some of the Arctic’s most stunning creatures…

Image: Tribal girls covered with white ash, with flowers in their hair

24 minutes

Cultural Beauty: Before They Pass Away

World renowned photographer Jimmy Nelson traveled to 35 isolated countries over a few years and documented what he calls “The Most Beautiful People.” Learn how his story proves the value of noticing “happy accidents.”


#TropicalStorm #Ashobaa churns off the coast of #Oman. Stay safe down there. #YearInSpace

9 minutes

#EarthArt: A Hashtag, Literally, “Out of this World!”

Astronaut Scott Kelly made it back to Earth last week after a year spent in space. While orbiting the globe, he shared his unique perspective on the world below on Instagram and Twitter, and the images he sent back down to of us all are incredibly awe-inspiring.

Huon Pine

15 minutes

The Oldest Lives on Earth

How old are the oldest living things on earth? The surprising answer is what artist Rachel Sussman set off to find and photograph, and the story these organisms tell is one that puts human life into striking perspective!


8 minutes

Beauty in a Solitary Drop of Water

What if everything ordinary, like a drop of water, is intricately complex and beautiful depending solely upon your perspective. Take a look at a video that explains this assertion and will leave you stunned by a remarkably unknown source for wonder.