Image: A silhouette of a family against the sunset

18 minutes

What is “Family?”

Sometimes the heart is a far better judge than the head. Here’s a beautiful answer to the question “What is Family?”

Image: A banana with tiny brown dots forming Michael Angelo's wisdom of man painting

10 minutes

The Wild Potential of Embracing Our Limitations

What if embraced our limitations? What possibilities might we discover if we just owned them and let them force us to get creative. We might actually find possibilities we would never have discovered. Take a look at how remarkable this mindset can be!

Image: Steve Irwin feeds a large crocodile

17 minutes

Remembering the Crocodile Hunter

Today, Ever Widening Circles remembers one of the true action heroes of our time, one committed to the sanctity of animal life and preservation thereof, the one and only Crocodile Hunter: Steve Irwin.

19 minutes

The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen

Despite what the negative 24-hour news cycle tells us, it turns out that the world is NOT actually going to hell in a handbasket! Things are getting better and there’s solid data to prove it! Learn more in today’s feature.

6 minutes

The Joyful Ones Among Us

Do you have someone in your life who is always focused on keeping everyone else happy? They make everything work for everyone else and are the Joyful One’s Among Us! Let’s see if we can recognize them…

17 minutes

A Crash Course in “Crash Course”

Ever find yourself on the internet aimlessly clicking to find great, engaging content? Let us introduce you to one of our favorite places on the internet, the incredible YouTube channel, Crash Course!

Image: Arctic white wolf

12 minutes

Life in Snowy Wonder: Another Kind of Paradise

Would your version of “paradise” include ice and snow? Maybe it will after you spend 10 minutes with the magnificent photographer Vincent Munier on his journey to capture the lives of some of the Arctic’s most stunning creatures…

Image: hummingbird

15 minutes

Pollination: Beauty and Key to Life

Here’s one of the most fundamental, yet unappreciated processes on earth, filmed in a breathtaking, fascinating and curious way. You’ll never look at an apple or flower the same way again!

9 minutes

How Our Clicks Shape Our World

We hardly ever think about the ways the media we consume affects us, or the power we have when it comes to dictating what we all learn from in the news. It turns out, we have more power than we think when it comes to deciding how positive, balanced, and worldly our media is!

8 minutes

Beauty in a Solitary Drop of Water

What if everything ordinary, like a drop of water, is intricately complex and beautiful depending solely upon your perspective. Take a look at a video that explains this assertion and will leave you stunned by a remarkably unknown source for wonder.

Image: Dr. Lynda and a group of Nepali Children

8 minutes

Dear Reader, we love you!

This Valentine’s Day, we want to thank you for being a community that believes “it’s still an amazing world!” And celebrate the how much we love the EWC community and what it says about a world filled with possibility!