Image: Young Richard Turere on the TED stage

9 minutes

Richard Turere Makes Peace with Lions

…take the risk necessary to make real change happen. Maybe we have an untapped resource right under our noses!? Where is the wisdom of youth in our problem-solving circles? They…

6 minutes

Seals Telling Their Own Story

…Thus deputising them to become activists in their own community. Here is National Geographic with this remarkable story… Via: National Geographic 6 Empowering youth… What would a world look like if…

11 minutes

Your Memories and Your Music

Do you have a few songs from your youth that conjure memories as vivid as the day they were made? Turns out this is another wonder of the human…

10 minutes

What If…

…and made us think the creative people and the youth of the world might be able to make the world a far better place. That piece gave us hope for…

Image: Giraffe's poking their heads into the windows of Giraffe Manor during breakfast

8 minutes

Breakfast at Giraffe Manor

…for people near beautiful, wild places? It’s a problem we can solve if we nurture compassion and ingenuity in our youth! Let’s get on that! Stay open, curious and optimistic….

Image: self-driving car doors open

16 minutes

Self-Driving Cars: Where Are We At?

…just be for city drivers? How could they expand possibility in a direction we can’t even conceive at this point? Would this change the driving age for youth? What would…

22 minutes

Mathemagical Inspiration

…EWC Vision of Possibility to education. THIS article will inspire anyone, but we’d like to make a special effort today to welcome parents and youth who are smart, curious and…

23 minutes

Monica Lewinsky Can Teach Us a Lot

…life, the experiences of youth and the way our culture seems to nurture things we should consider more carefully. Monica’s talk is refreshing in it’s candor and remarkable in the…

Image: Boy and his bow Dong Woo Jang

10 minutes

A Boy and His Bow

…stories like Dong Woo Jang’s are pushing us to think differently about how we educate our youth. If we were to educate children through the lens of their passions, how…

Image: We need sharks picture of a shark

15 minutes

Sharks: Do We Really Need Them?

…heart in the fact that important people, ordinary people, and youth all around the world are getting informed and mobilizing. This can turn around if we share knowledge and pool…

6 minutes

The Creature that Doesn’t Die?

…fountain of youth! Source: Proyecto Agua // Flickr It sounds a little crazy, but meet the Hydra, an organism that appears to defy the patterns of nature, and the natural…

37 minutes

17 Year Old is Still Changing Lives

…story of a single, wonderful youth, It seems to be about what’s essential. Have you heard about the young man who wrote a now very famous song called Clouds? The song…

Image: Palestinian and Israeli portraits as large as walls

29 minutes

A Wish to Change the World (With JR)

Some innovators and their projects don’t fit a firm category, and it’s usually those that change the world by breaking down our assumptions about heroes, politics, culture, art,…

Image:Dr. Lynda, Thankful for abundance

Dr. Lynda Ulrich

…courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” – Barbara De Angelis A single, life-changing tragedy in my youth shaped my perspective…

30 minutes

Wytham Woods, a Laboratory with Leaves

…and insects. With 4000 species of beetles in Britan, it makes sense that the fathers* of the evolutionary theory were beetle collectors in their youth. *For those wondering why “father” is…

34 minutes

Diana Nyad: “Find A Way!”

…life, and then have access to when we are “seniors”? From the stories we will share with you today, youth had nothing on experience in this extreme sports story. Today…

17 minutes

How to Age Gracefully

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self? Your 7-year-old self? Your 20-year-old self? It seems that no matter our age, we tend to pick up wisdom that…

12 minutes

Music’s String Theory

…by Christopher Hartigan… Music’s String Theory In today’s world of overproduced pop tunes with pitch-corrected vocals, one need not be talented to get noticed. Often youth, beauty or the times…