Plants Can Talk to Each Other?

Posted on May 12, 2016 by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

There is nothing that signals the start of summer like the smell of fresh cut grass, but did you know that smell is actually a kind of plant communication?

It turns out plants can “talk” to each other!

Image: Aphid on a little flower, plants can talk to each other

So, that “freshly mowed grass smell” is actually a warning sign from your lawn to fellow plants that danger is about.

Plants communicate using pheromones that can not only be understood within a species but also by their neighbors.

This fascinating bit of science serves as an important reminder that there is so much out there for us to learn if we try and look at the world the way other organisms do.

Here’s TED-Ed with this incredible story…

Via: TED-Ed 1

How much is out there that we have yet to discover because we look at the world with anthropocentric eyes.

Facts as ubiquitous as knowing that whales communicate with song, or that there are species that live in the deepest depths of the ocean are relatively recent discoveries!

The more we try and think in terms of other species, the more we can understand the complexities of our world. Communication is not just a human trait, it appears life all the way down to single-celled organisms have the ability to “talk” with one another.

I am continuously astounded by how much we don’t know. There are endless questions to be asked, discoveries to be made, connections to uncover! We must be willing to keep asking questions.

Perhaps it is simply still an amazing world because every great question still leads to another.


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