Since the dawn of our species, human potential has been pulled forward by the remarkable people whose minds were comfortable at the leading edges of creativity.

Not an “art person?” Hang on! Don’t click away! This article is about much more than “art.”

Just think about the first human being who thought to put a chunk of raw meat on a stick and hold it over a fire, and how random that must have seemed to onlookers. What about the Wright Brothers? Make no mistake, they had neighbors and friends who thought the concept of human flight was a waste of time.

Image: determined child wearing wings

Image source: TABBERT

We often forget that today’s experimentation may be tomorrows invention of electricity, Velcro or radar. But Innovators in art have probably been met with the most consistent critique, since the first cave paintings. That’s what’s inspiring about today’s featured “thought leaders:” Partners Alexa Meade and Sheila Vand. While they each have a body of work that pushes at different edges of the envelope in “traditional” art, today we are looking at a very unique collaboration.

Here’s the process in photo form:

While this is visually impressive, it’s difficult to appreciate what’s going on here. For a better understanding, take a look at a short video that highlights their art form via a live performance:

Via: Corpmedia 1

Meade and Vand’s images are great here, but they are far more compelling as they have envisioned, on their own websites.

The oddity of innovation…

So why are Alexa Meade and Sheila Vand’s work important? Where does this work fit into the continuum of history? Does it matter?

Well, everything new matters, as we can never predict which “crazy idea” will be the next “big thing.” Innovation in everything from the discovery of coffee, to the invention of the first telescope, started with a single thought imagined by someone who connected things that no one had previously considered (like paint and milk!)

Take the invention of the wheel, for example, I can imagine a conversation along the following lines: “what in the world do we need a round thing like that for? We can drag these five-ton blocks up to the top of the pyramid with enough guys!”

(Here’s your EWC fun fact of the day: did you know the pyramids were built before the invention of the wheel?)

So Alexa and Sheila take their place in a long line of artistic innovators, and now that we put their creativity in the light of history, maybe there is not that much distance between painting on a cave wall or in a pool of milk.

Stay open, curious and hopeful!

~ Dr. Lynda


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