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Look Up! The Importance of Stargazing

What can the night sky teach us about our own humanity? Whether you are looking up through the lights of the big city or surrounded by vast wilderness, stargazing can play an important role in reframing our perspective…

11 minutes


Better Living Through Robotics

What does the future of robotics look like? Well, it turns out those utopian ideas of a 21st century filled with robots might not be so far off! Here’s a look at what’s possible!

9 minutes


The Brain Most Beautiful

Have you ever wondered what the brain looks like in all of its complexity? Neuroscientist and artist, Dr. Greg Dunn, is creating work that defies the limits of art and science and captures the beauty of the brain…

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Preparing For Excellence

The college process can be scary. Intimidating applications, tests, and interviews can deter and discourage students. Here’s a school empowering students to succeed!

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Image: Danny Strasser on a long board in a bobsled track

Master of Extreme Sport, Filmmaker, Teacher?

What does the person behind the camera have to master to bring us extreme sports videos? They may be deeper and more talented than we think! Here’s two sides to a videographer who reminds us about the wonder and complexity of creative people.

7 minutes


Continental Collision Course

Not many of us stop to think about what the world looked like before our continents separated and then re-connected in a new way many years ago. Why does it still matter? Fascinating food for thought here today! Take a look…

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The Surprising Science of Happiness

In today’s featured TED Talk, Dan Gilbert looks at the science of happiness and give us an insight we might use every day to create our own sense of joy, even when outcomes don’t go our way. Take a look!

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The Search for Life Inside Volcanoes

The study of life in the planet’s most extreme environments is pushing back the frontiers of knowledge on earth and beyond. Here’s a marvelous perspective from a scientist at the cutting edge of this research!

4 minutes


What Do Astronauts Dream About?

Have you ever wondered what an astronaut dreams about? Here’s a fascinating look that will remind you of some of the things most precious to you here on earth!

8 minutes


Pygmy Seahorses: Small Wonders of the Sea

We don’t have to write about the world’s largest natural wonders to celebrate Nature’s most spectacular creations. Let us introduce you to the pygmy seahorse, one of the planet’s smallest marvels.

17 minutes


A Mission Returns from “Mars”

Have you ever wondered what life would be like on Mars? After a year in a Mars exploration simulation, crew members return to earth with insights on what long-term living in space would be like!

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Human-the movie

Exploring Our Human Connection

Join us on a journey into our own humanity. Here’s the remarkable cinematic masterpiece “HUMAN”, a film that delves into the threads of connection that run through us all…

3 minutes


Take a Spin Around the Globe

Do you remember the first time you really spun a globe with gusto to see where your finger would land? Take a trip to a company in London keeping that little bit of wonder alive in the modern era.

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NL-HaNA_2.24.01.05_0_929-6072 (1)

Inspiring Words from Gene Wilder

Why do you do what you do? Here are some inspiring words from the late Gene Wilder that remind us to reflect on where we came from, in order to fully appreciate where we are…