38 minutes

Coral morphologic flower : animal

Coral Morphologic: The Art of Conservation

How do we get people to care about some of the planet’s most unique and imperiled species? Coral Morphologic is an artistic team that is bringing together art and science in a remarkably new way to do just that!

3 minutes


Don’t Accept the No

What’s keeping us from accomplishing our dreams? What’s the primary reason holding us back? It’s not money and it’s not time. It’s fear. Here’s how to overcome that obstacle!

11 minutes


What will we know in 100 years?

Explore some of the discoveries of the past century! From penicillin, to our origins, to general relativity, we have learned a lot over the past 100 years! What will we learn in the next?

48 minutes

Image: A baby coywolf with his mum.

Meet the Coywolf

Can we adapt too as we push into places where wildlife should have a right of way? A new hybrid – part coyote and part wolf – may be finding a niche we might want to work with! Take a look…

14 minutes


Celebrating Our Similarities

What if we spent more time celebrating our similarities? Here’s a National Geographic Photographer’s tale of how connected we really are to even the world’s most remote populations!

7 minutes

Image: Two fish with legs like birds

Get a Backbone!

What if life on earth never evolved a solid scaffolding: bones? Can we imagine a planet where soft bodies like worms and octopus evolved big brains? Our backbone seems to have changed everything and the story of it’s evolution is fascinating.

4 minutes


The Farm for World Class Chefs

Who grows the food for some of the world’s greatest chefs? Meet The Chef’s Garden, a marvelous story of taking a disaster and turning it into success!

19 minutes

world getting better

The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen

Despite what the negative 24-hour news cycle tells us, it turns out that the world is NOT actually going to hell in a handbasket! Things are getting better and there’s solid data to prove it! Learn more in today’s feature.

28 minutes

we are what we eat paley food grid

We Are What We Eat

What does dinner look like around the globe? Matthieu Paley, a National Geographic Photographer set out to document the culture of food in places untouched by supermarkets…

21 minutes

Gravitational waves

What are Gravitational Waves Anyway?

Gravitational waves are something we hear a lot about, but what are they, and why is their discovery so important? Here are some answers that will leave you feeling a little smarter!

7 minutes

Image: Modern sculptural cello

“The Cello Song” by The Piano Guys

Never liked classical music? Or you love it and appreciate it at it’s finest? Either way, The innovators we introduce you to today are taking Bach someplace he could not have gone without them! Take a look…

9 minutes

Image: Young Richard Turere on the TED stage

Richard Turere Makes Peace with Lions

As we struggle to solve problems, large and small, there is usually one thing is missing in the circles I know of: listening to the wisdom of our youth. See how one boy made peace with neighboring lions in today’s featured TED talk!